February 13, 2007

About Linkoosh - Your one stop guide to the internet !!!

Internet is an ocean of resources, entertainment and opportunities but to dive 'into' it is no easy job so we often sail 'over' it riding on the preciseness of the various search engines, to get what we desire. But as has often been the case, the user does not reach where he aimed for and end up wasting a lot of time and being frustrated in the process.

Linkoosh is an innovative idea to provide its users a list of well sorted out links on some of the most popular topics from the web world, in a hierarchical order based on the ratings given to a particular link (which is in turn governed by various parameters). Hence the user gets only what he wants filtering away the unnecassry stuff a search engine delivers. Also it is very useful to those who are relatively new to the 'keyword business' which is of utmost importance to obtain desired links from a search engine.

Linkoosh is an easy to navigate site with broad main categories and subcategories, with the mention of Pros and Cons alongside the specified link for a better overview of what is to be expected from it. It provides reviews and comments on websites related to a particular topic to benefit its users.

It provides solution to a large number of online queries in a better and more efficient manner making the internet more 'usable' by covering wide range of popular queries and presenting the best results that might have eluded you while you were searching the search engine way !!!!

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